We generally believe that celebrities have a wonderful life and the power to live their lives the way they desire.

Chris Hemsworth Thor workout

Many of us even think that acting is easy money that is also accompanied by stardom and love from the masses!

Sadly, this is not true.

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The profession is as challenging and as complex as any other profession and requires great deal of input for the survival.

Each and every role they play has different demands in terms of performance and appearance.

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The handsome hunk, Chris Hemsworth is truly an acting powerhouse! He is not just blessed with good looks, but a worth admirable talent. And who can forget to mention the efforts he put in all his roles?

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However, Chris literally stunned his legion of fans when he cut down 33lbs for a role in, ‘In the Heart of the Sea. Interestingly, the role demanded him to look thinner and starved, to which, Chris ensured to come up to it.

Of course, it was more of a challenge as the actor weighs healthy in general; yet, the role required him to cut down more weight as an attempt to give it a natural touch.

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Age: 34 years.
Height: 1.9m (6.2”)
Weight loss: 33lbs.
Current weight: <170lbs.


Interestingly, this is not the first time Chris has undergone a transformation, there are several roles for which the actor has accepted to bulk up or cut weight, in accordance with the character’s requirement.

Chris Hemsworth dietHowever, Chris believes that losing weight is far more challenging than bulking up.

Well, losing weight sounds a good idea, in fact, we often relate a better physical and mental health with the idea of losing weight, however, for a man like Chris who already had a healthy weight, cutting down more pounds resulted in some negative effects.

Chris Hemsworth weight loss resulted in making him feel more drained and fatigued.

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Interestingly, the toll was not only limited to his physical health, he also complained of feeling low, becoming moody and inconsistent with his emotions during the phase.

The thirty four years old actor believes that gaining weight is fun. You are allowed to overindulge and stuff yourself with the foods you desire.

But his hunk to shrunk journey was patience testing and bitter!

Basically, the actor was commanded to add on weight for a role in movie, Thor. He narrates the experience as fun, unlike the other!


The father of three has been once titled as the Sexiest Man Alive, and we don’t doubt why!

He is tall, broad and handsome. While he generally consumes a healthy diet and workout rigorously, the actor chose to limit his caloric intake to 500 calories, to do justice to his role as, Owen Chase.

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Well, considering the age and height of the actor, taking a diet which supplies mere 500 calories a day is dangerous. It is therefore, the mate of Elsa Pataky strictly advises not to starve oneself and supply the recommended amount of calories to the body.

For him, a healthy weight loss formula is to eat nutritious and melt down the calories in the gym.

While specifically talking about Chris Hemsworth diet, it surrounded around salads and boiled eggs. He literally starved himself and had nothing other than the mentioned items.

Chris Hemsworth workout plan

While the actor detailed the diet he adhered for a slimmer physique, nothing was revealed in context with Chris Hemsworth workout.


No wonder, Chris starved himself to come up with the character’s demands, but he truly won our hearts with his amazing performance in the movie.

Well, that’s all that’s matters to an actor, after all, an actor survives on his audience’s acclamation and love for him! Phenq for sale – Healthy weight loss is even more difficult.

Chris Hemsworth before and after photos perfectly give a real touch to his character! Even though, he has got back to his original weight, but his charisma as Owen Chase will never fade.

Chris Hemsworth is specifically active on Twitter and Instagram account, therefore, if you are his fans, get connected for his latest updates and on goings.